Everyday Muzings

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Tanya Gillespie

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Infusing jazz, Latin and contemporary rhythms. Soulful and eclectic.

Genre: Jazz: Jazz-Funk
Release Date: 2004

Tanya Gillespie is a west coast treasure. Voted 2006 winner of "Who Will Be Victoria’s Next Big Thing", and runner-up for Favorite Solo Artist of Monday magazine, this accomplished instrumentalist, lyricist and vocalist delivers a wealth of sincerity, soul and purpose through her music.

After graduating with honours at the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano and harmony, Tanya voraciously expanded her musical knowledge and expertise. Her rich repertoire includes a preordained passion for singing, writing and composing, and a self-taught talent for guitar, drums and percussion.

Tanya’s unique sound ranges through jazz, progressive acoustic instrumentals and contemporary rhythms. Sometimes haunting and ethereal, sometimes sensually rhythmic, the music is infused with joy, passion, compassion and intelligence.

Tanya’s varied range of cds reflects her eclectic talent and unshakable belief in taking the risks necessary to fulfill one’s dreams. "Everyday Muzings", an emotionally appealing and thought-provoking debut album, was followed by the deeply restful improvisational piano instrumental "Impromptu". Her third album, "Only What I Know" produced by Juno nominated musician/producer Matthew James, is an infectious, beat-driven, Indie-pop journey that reverberates with optimism, energy and hope.