About Me

My training began with piano in the Suzuki Method and later moved to Toronto Conservatory of Music. I graduated with First Class Honors to Grade 10 Piano and Theory.

It is from this foundation I have become a multi instrumentalist. My focus for teaching is Piano, Guitar, Drums/Percussion and Songwriting Coaching. I have been taught valuable skills I now use to teach others the fundamentals of music as well as the creative aspects of playing by ear.

My approach usually invites those who might otherwise feel intimidated to feel at ease and confident. Ultimately my goal is help YOU to learn these skills and have fun doing it! Music is the most wonderful gift and I can’t wait to help unwrap the creativity that is inside of you.

Tanya Gillespie is a multi-talented phenomenon. With what seems to be an endless abundance of energy, personality and shear genius all rolled up into a 5 foot something package. With her Jamaican roots, she certainly takes full advantage of that country’s rhythmic and eclectic culture. Tanya invites you into her world of clever innuendos, word phrasing, rhythms, impish humour as well as heart breaking truths. Her EP “Roots” which I predict will go viral, is just the latest, of what I’m hoping is an endless supply of musical treasures this young lady has to ofter.

Teri Wood – A.R.I.A. Nominated Recording Artist